External providers terms and conditions

  1. External providers are required to provide and include the identification of relevant technical data (specifications, drawing, process requirement, work instructions).
  2. The approval of:
1.       product and services
2.       methods, processes and equipment
3.       The release of products and services.
Shall insure competence, including any required qualifications of persons.
  1. External provider’s interactions with the organizatoin should be clear and in line with Jordan Airmotive’s requirements.
  2. External providers’ performance will be monitored as per Jordan Airmotive criteria, and should pass Jordan Airmotive’s evaluation.
  3. External providers should accept the verification or validation activities that Jordan Airmotive sees fit, such as performance evaluation for external audits.
  4. External providers should:
    1. Implement a quality manual system,
    2. Use customer designated or approved (third party) external providers,
    3.  Notify Jordan Airmotive of any nonconforming, products or services
    4. Obtain Jordan Airmotive approval for disposition,
    5. Prevent the use of unapproved parts as per AS910 Rev.C8.1.5
    6.  Notify Jordan Airmotive of any changes of processes, products or services, including changes of their external providers or location of manufacture and obtain organization approval.
  1. External providers should show the needed evidences of the flow down to external provider’s applicable requirement including customer requirements.
  2. External providers shall provide and retain all the documented information to Jordan Airmotive, their customers and regulatory authorities, they have the right to access the applicable areas of facilities and to applicable documented information. (Retention period is three years).
  1. External providers should provide an evidence ensuring that persons are aware of their contribution to products or service conformity, product safety and ethical behavior, upon request.
  2. External providers shall comply with regulatory authorities and Jordan Airmotive’s requirements.
  3. External providers should provide and deliver all the required documentation packages in soft or hard copies.
  4. Upon the reception of the services/products any malfunctions, defects and un-airworthy conditions have to be reported to the concerned stakeholders.