Engine Services


Engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is critical to the success of an aircraft operator. At Jordan Airmotive we provide comprehensive repairs and preventative maintenance to ensure the heart of your business is working properly. Our MRO system has been perfected and proven over our years of experience in the industry.


Maintenance & Overhaul

We fully service and overhaul aero engines, looking at the overall performance of the engine and for wear on individual parts. To see a list of our engine capabilities go here.


Preventative Maintenance

We look to see what might happen and deal with it before it does, reducing the number of problems down the road and saving our clients' money.


Repairs & Alterations

We inspect each part of the engine, preferring repairs over replacements where this can be done without compromising safety, in order to keep things cost effective.



We perform critical modifications to ensure you get the most out of your engine.



Each test guarantees the engines and components meet the strictest codes for safety and performance.

Who We Are?

Jordan Airmotive Company (sometimes referred to as JALCo) the legal successor of Royal Jordanian (RJ) Airlines (the official carrier of Jordan) is an engine overhaul facility, which was established back in 1985. The aim and purpose behind its creation back then was to support the Royal Jordanian airline fleet in terms of maintenance and overhaul requirements for the JT8D series, JT3D & RB211-524 series