Additional Services

Jordan Airmotive provides additional services:

1.       Contract Evaluation

Jordan Airmotive team will evaluate the most suitable contract type for your engine repair, whether it is NTE, FFP, Time & Material or otherwise. The contracts will be reviewed by Jordan Airmotive’s technical and commercial teams to maximize time on wing against the most economical cost. The review will allow our clients to know what to expect in terms of costs, inclusions, exclusions, warranties, EGT margins, penalties…etc.. This will secure flawless execution, and JA will be closely involved in the engine maintenance too.

2.       Engine Shop Visit management

Jordan Airmotive offers to manage your shop visits and to go the extra mile by doing :

-          Workscope preparation (customized as needed).

-          Material Support.

-          Risk management and opportunities.

-          Regular reports (weekly).

-          Table inspection reports.

-          Engine build ups.

-          Final shop visit report

3.       Invoice and warranty reviews

Jordan Airmotive will review all warranty and insurance claims on behalf of the client once a case arises. For that matter, Jordan Airmotive will meticulously review the engine data including but not restricted to last shop visit report, work scope analysis, review of AD s & SB s…etc. and on that basis formulate a proper investigation report that will determine all parameters that govern the warranty case.

4.       Engine Re-deliveries

      Performing review of all engine records and perform physical inspection for engines at end of lease to match the engine return condition for either the customer or the lessor meeting respective acceptance criteria for both. 

5.       Engine Evaluation/acceptance

Assess the engine (asset) value by going over all records of the engine and further on carry on any required physical inspection of the engine for matching the customer requirements within the asked price. 

Who We Are?

Jordan Airmotive Company (sometimes referred to as JALCo) the legal successor of Royal Jordanian (RJ) Airlines (the official carrier of Jordan) is an engine overhaul facility, which was established back in 1985. The aim and purpose behind its creation back then was to support the Royal Jordanian airline fleet in terms of maintenance and overhaul requirements for the JT8D series, JT3D & RB211-524 series